RB PROGETTI bears as manufacturing firm of expositive systems for museums, art galleries and jeweler’s  shops.


Our solution and our dedication towards the innovation,  combined with the experience in the quality design, have produced a range of patented and high level expositive systems.


Each solution, based on some base models, foresees  the possibility to differentiate the realization according to the specific  needs of each client of ours.


 The consultancy, the planning, the selection of the best raw materials, the light technique, the assistance pre & post sales, make of RB PROGETTI one of the most efficient company in this sector


 If you are interested in our products, please contact us informing about model, quantity (MOQ n. 1 piece) end delivery address and our company will be glad to give you all economical information about quantity discount without any obligation from your part.




70043 MONOPOLI  (ITALY) - Via Romualdo, 9

   Tel. (+39)  080 742031  Email: info@rbprogetti.it